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The Economist presents a manifesto for the revival of

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Reinventing liberalism for the 21st century

The remark prompted a complaint from the Polish Embassy in London, an editorial in The Economist and criticism from British Jewish historian David Cesarani.[195][196][197][198] Fry has since posted an apology in a six-page post on his… Annual r It was also the first year of a long-term plan to increase the profitability of the circulation of The Economist. Driving the Market Process: "Alertness" Versus Innovation and…

And in a 10 page essay we lay out some ideas for what that reform might look - like we look at what might be the 21st century version of free trade, the cause The Economist was founded to champion.

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The Economist thus marks its 175th anniversary with wariness, with optimism and with purpose. Wariness because not enough people have grasped the scale and urgency of the reforms needed if the

A manifesto for renewing liberalism - The Economist at 175

A manifesto for renewing liberalism - The Economist at 175 13 Sep 2018 ... Over the past six months, we have celebrated our 175th anniversary with ... In this issue we publish an essay that is a manifesto for a liberal ...